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September 21, 2016

Hello Curves,

This has been pending since long, my sincere apologies to all my dear girls to have kept you waiting 😛  It was a suggestion made by many close friends to talk about curvy size fashion . If you ask me there is a reason why I call it curvy fashion and not a plus size fashion as every size is just a size .

Know your Body well

Talking about fashion, the first and foremost thing is to know your correct measurements, that makes it much easier to shop including online. Most important tip is break all the rules and myths you hear about curvy fashion. There is nothing called as plus size can’t wear body hugging clothes, horizontal stripes, if chosen the fabric wisely any fashion and trend can be flaunted.

Choose Fabrics wisely

Invest in clothing that are made of structured and high quality fabrics like silk and cotton. Avoid Polyester as it is clingy. Prints are one of the hottest trends, while choosing prints go for small and structured prints as they will flatter the body. Clothing sizes vary from brand to brand, always choose many options before getting in to trial room , you never know which outfit will bring that satisfactory smile on your face while you look at yourself in mirror. 

Body Shape & Clothing

Know your body shape. If you have an hour-glass figure choose clothes that flatter your figure. For rectangle shape, try to create a silhouette with your clothes. Pear shapes can go with separates which will balance their silhouette .While dressing for any body shape your it’s emphasising your assets to make you feel your best. Know what works best on your body the only formula is to keep trying. Don’t fall for all trends, some might pull it off effortlessly while others if not comfortable can stay stylish with classics. Emphasise on your assets whichever is your favourite part of your body like legs, upper body , lower body, curves. Pinpoint exactly what it is that you’re proud of and want to emphasise.

Colors & Accessories

Colours can actually transform your look in to new level. Play with colours, you can draw attention to certain areas with them. Like pair up with bold colourful necklaces , scarves to focus on neckline , pair with waist belts and colourful tops which will shift the focus to your waistline .Update an outfit with a printed scarf or layer on multiple necklaces for hottest look. Capes are also your saviour, they can be paired with shorts, t-shirts, jeans they will make the thighs and legs look smaller and you can still flaunt them 🙂 Accessories like bags, shoes are more user-friendly than clothing and also hassle free than clothes. Make your basic outfits move with the trends by splurging a bit more on must-have accessories.  

Invest in good shoes 

Feel fabulous in a pair of bold shoes. Bright colours, neons, platform heels, and glitter finishes will all have you standing out from the crowd. A statement pair of shoes is also a great way to add oomph to an outfit. Always invest in good shoes they can make you carry absolutely any outfit with great confidence, be it flats or heels.

Custom made Outfits

Another important thing is to get the right fit , whatever you wear. I won’t say don’t wear body hugging clothes, if you choose the right inner wears it will give you the right fit and emphasise your figure. Avoid wearing baggy clothing as this can swamp your silhouette. Ready-made clothing sizes are made in generic sizes. If you like a design and don’t find the right size get it tailored , though it would be time-consuming but you will end up with exact your fit. Plus you always have the option to choose design, color and look. 


Makeup & Hair- 

Clothing only makes up one part of your look. A bright lip colour, pop of colour on the nails, or a slick of metallic eyeliner are all fun ways to update your look. Make up is one of the easiest things to transform the look. If you’re still not confident with your style choices, try a new hair style or a make over hair cut. It will renew your confidence and have you feeling like a whole new person. A little bit of pampering never goes astray. A facial, manicure or pedicure will not only have you feeling like a million bucks, but looking it as well. When it comes to style, it’s all about the finer details and appearing more polished.

Shopping Tips

While shopping avoid buying clothes that are a size too small in the hope that you’ll one day fit into them. Buy clothes that you love and fit well so you can wear them right now.
It’s great to have goals, but sometimes you just have to live in the present! You will also find that many of these style tips for curvy women can also be applied to women of any size. Fashion doesn’t have to be dictated by sizes, and style comes in all forms.

Online Shopping 

There are many online shopping sites catering to curvy and plus size clothes. I have listed down few ones here.

 ASOS has an extensive ‘Curve’ collection which features a lot of on-trend styles and many of its latest season garments catering for plus size figures. Forever 21 collection will blow your mind. If you can’t find a decent store that stocks plus size clothing in your city, it’s only a click away on the internet. 

Here are few examples set by real women worldwide , who are totally changing the game.





Now let us have a look at these my well known Divas who have changed the definition of plus size and rocking it.

If 9 months preggers Jyoti can look so ravishing in Nivedita Saboo’s creation, shilpa can make it in 9 yards and Shradha and Ameesha can give those anarali and evening gown such radiant looks , what’s your excuse?



Be it any outfit or size, all you need is the attitude and confidence to carry it.  Step out of your comfort zone, start experimenting and exploring with what suits you.

Hope this blog helps you in doing it 🙂 Do let me know your views.

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Until next blog,


Deepali Dhabu




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