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July 23, 2016

Hola Superwoman,

It has been forever that I have been thinking about writing what I am writing today. It has been a journey to places where I have struggled, fallen, brushed myself, stood, and walked away from. But every experience has taught and made me stronger but memories linger….

More than a record or journal, this is me, the very real Deepali Dhabu. This side of her that is not known to many.

 I got married at a very young age in 2002, exactly 14 years as on today. Life has had its own ups and downs for me. Not being a biological mother is one of them. There was a time I desperately wanted to be a mother, but after many treatments things still didn’t work out the way we (as a couple) wanted and this was followed by my depression. Doctors and well- wishers kept on suggesting me about IVF, Surrogacy and Adoption as a final solution. I always wanted to have my own child, a child which is part of me and not of any other woman who is not related to me. I might sound selfish to many to have felt like this but I always wanted the baby to have my features especially a girl. I am a Chachi of 5 boys from my co-sisters but someone who will call me ‘Maa’ was still missing. Soon I realized, there is a lot more to life than just being a mother and I moved on.

 Come December 2012, my younger sister declared her pregnancy to me and my joy knew no boundaries. Though I desperately wanted someone to call me Maa, being a Maasi was no less. I secretly started praying for a baby girl who will have at-least some features or characteristics of me. My only sister and I share a beautiful relationship in spite of being poles apart in our tastes and persona.  The baby to be born with my features would have been no less than a miracle. 23rd July 2013, right on the day of my wedding anniversary, call it destiny or my answered prayers,  😀  my sister delivered a baby girl and the doctor passed that bundle of joy in my arms. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, my angel was right there in my arms. A part of me changed at that very moment. We named her ‘Purva’ whom I fondly call ‘my Poo’ <3

Me as a person started changing, my shopping preferences automatically shifted to Kids section. I never had the experience of sleeping with a baby on the same bed and staying awake whole nights.  Initially, all nights she used to keep us awake and was too active as a newborn. Sometimes I used to feel, God are you making me and my sister pay for our prayers??  😛  Cleaning the poops, changing diapers, getting the warm milk, making Cerelac, tough task of making her feed and once she started crawling, making her stay at one place in all was a big deal. I used to see my sister working whole day at office and struggling hard to balance between work and bringing her up. She stayed in another city so I couldn’t be with her and often kept longing to see my niece. She was a year and 3 months when first time ‘Poo’ took the phone in her hand and said Maasi. My sister captured the moment in a video and sent me, all I could do was jump and dance with joy. God must have been too happy with my deeds to bring us all together in Delhi. Now she is here with me in the same city and has turned 3-year-old today. 

My sister is a software professional and too simple.  I always wanted my niece to have the best and have a fashionable taste like me 🙂 Fortunately I didn’t have to do anything to achieve this. Every person who meets Purva, tells her mother she is so much like her maasi 🙂 She looks like her dad but has all the characteristics of her maasi 🙂 Right from applying nail-paint to lipstick to outfits to glares to shoes she has become way more choosy. When it comes to posing for the camera she has all the confidence and style that is too rare for a child of her age. Loving, pampering, spoiling her with gifts, dancing with her and sharing the bed with her are my best times. The day I saw Poo dancing on Varun, Arjun & Shakira songs and she said she loves Varun and Arjun, that was it! She is my daughter born to my sister 😉

 One of the qualities, I love the most – her possessiveness towards her maasi. The funniest and happiest moment happened to me a few days back while we were on our way to shoot this blog pics when ‘Purva’ said to me “Pinky Maasi, You are so much like me know !” All I did was laugh out hard and said baby I love u so much , I have to be like you <3

I know how hard the moms work to raise their child and the working ones balancing between both job and home. I want to tell all those moms out there ‘YOU ARE A SUPERWOMAN!’. A big salute and I respect you for what all you go through while raising  your child  but I also want to dedicate this blog to all those loving maasis, aunts, buas who also love their nephews/nieces as much as their own child. No person can take the place of mother in our lives, nor will I ever be able take it in my Poo’s life. I am not sure if I would have been the best mother or not, but I love being Maa…si.    

Deepali - 2_MG_1862


Deepali - 1

_MG_1977Deepali - 5

Deepali - 8


Few Styling tips for the Parent and Kid outfits :-

  • Custom made outfits/gowns/skirts/saris
  • Play with accessories Headbands/tiara/necklace/chain
  • Identical jeans with t-shirts/tops/shirts/jackets
  • Matching the prints in different styles.
  • T-shirts with same cartoon prints or some slogan or personal message.
  • Color blocking the outfits. (Color blocking simply means that you pair two or three totally different colors together to make a bold statement)
  • If you are a mother son/Father daughter you can go for matching denim and plain white shirts or some custom-made t-shirts/cute messages printed over it  like Moma’s Boy / Daddy’s angel,Princess. 
  • Kids comfort in those outfits are equally important. Choose style and fabrics as per the kids comfort.


That’s all for this blog , I could have gone on and on with this and never would have stopped writing otherwise 😛 If I could bring the slightest smile on your face with this blog I am more than happy 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the blog and tips, do share your pictures with your child/nephew/niece in identical look and the best one will feature on Renee the Reborn and win a surprise gift from Omanksh Fashion.

Mail the pictures and stories at, upload on your Facebook page and tag us @deepali dhabu , @Renee the Reborn and Omanksh Fashion You can also message in inbox @facebook page

May the best one win 🙂

Look Details :-

Outfits designed and conceptualised by – Renee Creations

Necklace- Renee Creations

Purva’s Ballerinas – Mochi 

Purva’s Hat- Accessorize India

Nude Pumps- Renee Creations (custom-made)

PC –  Frames by Ankit Kumar




Love <3

Deepali Dhabu


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  • Reply neelamviyer July 23, 2016 at 6:13 am

    Deepu.. what do I say. This story is so touching. I could sense the emotions you were going through while writing this blog. I wish you all the best and you achieve all the success that you achieve.

  • Reply Rashmi July 23, 2016 at 8:25 am

    Didi, these pics are awesomest. Loved you both. What to say about ur need to tell u that she is so like you. I loved your blog. So emotional and touchy. God bless you all. Remember with good people something good is planned.
    Wish you and jiju a very happy anniversary.
    Happy b’day to dear Purva.
    Btw, i loved your outfits. I am in love with this blue color. Soon, i am going to buy something which has this color.

    • Reply Renee the Reborn July 23, 2016 at 8:33 am

      that is the best compliment so far rashmi thank you so very much :-* do share your pics 🙂

  • Reply Reema July 23, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    Very nice emotional n inspirational blog.. Pictures are too cute.. N yes she looks like u 🙂

  • Reply Leenata July 23, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    Happy Anniversary Deepali & a very Happywala birthday to Poorva…. God Bless u & ur fmly….

    Honestly very very surprised & happy to see u so “Strong & Mature”. I knw that carefree, smiling “Deepali” always under the protective shield of parents. I can perfectly understand the hardship & pain u must hv gone thru but wt is imp is u hv come out of it. So Kudos to u & and a salute to ur near & dear ones who were there with u in ur bad times.
    Today is a a day to rejoice & celebrate….So cheers to “Renee – The newborn”….
    Gud Luck & loads of happiness forever….

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