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Being Maasi again!

July 22, 2017

Hola women,

Yes I am back with being masi again… I HAD to 🙂 My 4 year old (grown up) niece made sure that I don’t forget her despite the overseas distance between us. To all those who are wondering what is this blog about it’s a sequel of ‘Being Masi‘ which was released last year which defines my journey from being non biological mother to being the maa-si of my super cute, model in making niece.

Where do I start from!!! It’s been wonderful year with her around , every weekend was more than a joy ride. I have never had any such close relationship in my life with a child like her. I guess that’s the reason being mother must be the wonderful feeling to all the women. Women to me are naturally emotional and sensitive….  I am. We are blessed with the super power to love, nurture and protect our near and dear ones. So when it comes to my only niece I immediately turn in to an over emotional human 😛

The bond I share with her reflects in every picture of us.  


I can describe spending time with kids in just one word – Sheer Happiness). We have shared the whole year with many such amazing moments like showering together with cute fights of foam lather, applying nail paint to each other and most memorable of them all –  she is crazyyyy for lipsticks . Logic and age plays zero role when it comes to spending time with her as you never know what’s next on her mind then be it becoming the horse which she rides with joy or dancing nonstop on the craziest songs. 



Today’s generation is way too smarter than we were at their age. They are tech savvy and that is the biggest toss on your cell phones , ‘Siri’ on my iPhone had become her pass time buddy to sending random messages to whats app contacts  😀 The amount of selfies deletion at the end of the day used to be another task 🙂 But as they say everything is fair and forgiven when it comes to love. Every weekend used to be a recharge session longing me for the next one. 

Everything is beautiful when we are together , could be because our love is eternal.  I wonder how the relationship would have been had I been her mother ? And then a thought struck my mind – It could have been wonderful?? or tiring may be??  Yes it sounds selfish but handling a kid full time is definitely not an easy job. I see my friends struggling and managing kids , home and work   but the smile on their faces at the end of the day with those tiny hands around the neck must be so rejuvenating . 

When I got the news of her shifting to London, which though wasn’t unexpected, but was still heartbreaking. Again I am sure to be sounding selfish but ‘Love’ is helpless. I never wanted her to leave , I tried hard last whole month of her stay not to cry , not to make her or her mother feel sad but something was killing me inside , the separation was unbearable. The day finally arrived and I waved her from the airport glass window with a promise to see her soon . Every weekend now is incomplete without her around but again life moves on..

Today my Poo (That’s what I call my niece) has turned 4 years and celebrating her birthday with her parents in London. These pictures were clicked a day before she left and I tried all my best to make it memorable for me, for US . I love dressing up in similar outfits with her. So what if she is not born through my body, she has all the genes & characteristics of me. I am not sure if I would have had a baby like me but She is ME.  She is the one who will keep me alive in her forever. 

To all those non biological mothers –  Life is never perfect nor it will ever be. You have to find your happiness your way. Some might find it in IVF/Surrogacy or adoption but trust me there is absolutely nothing wrong in not being a mother. Don’t underestimate yourself or feel incomplete. If you have a caring heart and you know how to love, that is more than enough. 

I never tried finding my happiness in any of these methods because I found my child in my Poo and I don’t need to prove it to the world.  I love being the coolest version of mom, yes I am MaaaaSi 🙂 

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Untill next blog,

Lots of



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