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Surprise Someone you love

July 4, 2016

Hello Everybody,

You must be wondering why am I addressing everybody and not just girls this time . Well because I have something for everyone in today’s blog 🙂 We all are in relationships be it mother, Aunty, daughter, father, uncle, son, husband, wife, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, friends, lover. Relationships keep us alive. We always want to plan a special surprise for our loved ones to make them feel special in some or the other unique way. Everybody these days gifts expensive stuff, but have you ever thought of surprising ideas, as presentation also scores high when it comes to surprise someone 🙂

While thinking about such gifting ideas came across this wonderful online shop for the surprise gifts. ‘Surprise Someone an online shop for variety of options and gifting ideas. The best part is you will find many handmade products which are unique in its own way. Founder Mrs Pinky Maheshwari wanted to do something unique, so people could take a break from the humdrum of the world, something that would bring a smile on their tired faces and perhaps make them feel special in creative and individualistic way . That’s how ‘Surprise Someone‘ was born. With the help of hardworking hands, skilled artists and craftsmen Mrs Pinky and her mother and co-founder Mrs. Sharda flourished this baby in short spam of time.

I have listed down few ones here which you can definitely give a try . I am sure you will love them.

Love Comic Book

I am a firm believer in love. It is difficult to find in today’s practical world though. There is no love story book probably I haven’t read 😉 Do you often face this big question, how to surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend? Love comic book is a cute answer 🙂 This comic book features a story of two hearts. You will immediately relate with the comic. Also there is space given on each leaf where you can write your special message and convey your emotions. This comic book is foldable and comes in a beautiful red box with tied ribbon on it and a writing pen. Every page has two clouds for you to express your emotions and second cloud you could choose to leave for your loved one to complete.  I had also post a pic on Instagram last week with this comic book. 


This cute Love Comic Book is priced at 499/- Rs and you can buy it on the link here

Surprise Box- Do it Yourself

This surprise box is an innovation itself.  It’s a hand-made cardboard box which you can decorate as per your choice. In this box, you will find cut outs, clips, tags, color pens, floral cut outs, colored sheets etc. You can use your creativity skills to make it look unique and the compartments in the box can be used to keep your personal gift.  On the four sides of the box you can also fix your photographs to make it personalised one. Fill it with personal gifts, chocolates as per the person you want to gift it to. You can also store few personal items like ear studs , a watch, rings or so. As I said earlier presentation is also important while gifting someone so this box will definitely earn you brownie points. Go ahead make someone’s day by making this personalised handmade gift.  You will surely touch someone’s heart with it 🙂


This Surprise Box- Do it Yourself is priced at 499/- Rs and you can buy it on the link here.

          You can also check my video of this DIY Surprise BOX on Instagram here. 

Stylish Cake Box

Size: 8 inches x 8 inches

This entire set consists :

  • 10 pastry sized box (triangle shape) with different illustrations
  • 1 tray box to hold all 10 triangle-shaped boxes.
  • It’s hexagon shape box.

When it comes to birthday, it’s definitely incomplete without the Cake right?  This innovative cake cum everything styled box comes with these 10 different pastry sized pieces. Amazing isn’t it ? You can fill them with the cake pieces, chocolates, candies, gums, gems. etc.  Another unique item which has cute illustrations on each of the 10 boxes. This box comes with a holding tray where you can assemble the boxes together. It’s a fun to present it one of kind way. 

This Stylish Cake Box is priced at 299/- Rs and you can buy it on the link here.


Size :- 9 inches x 9 inches

DO I see smile on your faces while you read the name 🙂 Remember playing TIC TAC TOE in schools &  even at college days? So this gift box definitely gives you the perfect opportunity to recreate the memories. Play it with friends, siblings, partner, children. The moments spent while playing this you will definitely  cherish forever.  We all are so busy in our daily schedules that we need these type of refreshing activities with family, friends. This game is one such an addictive solution. Buy it and have fun over your tea/coffee sessions 🙂 This surely is a one of a kind gift for your children. 

It comes with X and O cut outs and playing board. It comes in an attractive box so that you could also gift someone and make him/her feel special.

*Rules of the game are mentioned inside the box

                  This TIC TAC TOE is priced at 499/- Rs and you can buy it on the link here.

Love Coupon Booklet + Playing cards

No. of coupons: 52
Size: Playing card size

How about starting the day with surprise for your beloved? Great Idea right! These LOVE coupon tickets are like love notes you can keep on side table or on the pillow or bed before he/she gets up with your personal message for the day. What you get in return is definitely the love in return in those sparkled eyes with happiness. The best part is these love coupons can later be used as playing cards.

This Love coupon Booklet comes in a paper envelope which would have empty chits along with sparkling pen for you to write beautiful message for you love.

Go ahead and make your special feel Special

 This Love Coupon Booklet is priced at 499/- Rs and you can buy it on the link here.

ME Book

Every Woman is special and deserves to be treated in a special way, that’s all she wants. Surprise Someone has the perfect gift for the woman in your life. The “Me Book”. Each page of this book has myriad of emotions that woman go through each day in their life. But somewhere in the crazy schedules and busy lifestyles, these emotions are just forgotten. “Me Book” is one of its kind where she can write down her emotions and special moments she wants to cherish. So whenever she opens it, she will be reading this book with a big smile on her face. It’s a book to be treasured, a book of memories. It’s a book which will remind her of loving herself all over again.

This ME Book is priced at 399/- Rs and you can buy it on the link here.


Wish Box

Size: 6 inches x 6 inches.

This chits box is a nice way to fill in your wishes, good thoughts for someone special.  Fill these chits with beautiful memories or wishes for your loved ones. Perfect for an anniversary gift. 
You can also buy these in bulk and would cost you cheaper as well.

This Wish Box is priced at 199/- Rs and you can buy it on the link here.


Love Notes  and Diaries

Love notes come with a triangular shaped box which can later be used as Pen stand. It is available in multicolored prints. It has two sheets with ribbons tied up on them. In one, you write for your loved one and another one is where your love writes for you.

Size: 4 inches (height)x 3 inches(base)

Diaries are made of Hand made sheets with thick and elegant covers. They are handy and easy to carry in purse/pocket. A nice personal gift someone who is fond of writing diary. 

These Diaries are available in different sizes and are priced around 99/- Rs. You can check them out here on the link.



These Love Notes are priced at 100/- Rs and you can buy it on the link here


Photo Frames

Looking out for an anniversary gift or a gift for your family member? These handmade photo frames are a good choice for a side table where you can put your couple pic, family pic or even a siblings pic.  They are available in variety of colorful prints. Check them all out here

These Photo Frames are priced at 199/- Rs and you can buy it on the link here.


House Warming Green Goodie Box

Size of the box: 4 inches x 4 inches

Hosting a house-warming or a birthday party? Here is a perfect house warming invite or even you can fill it with some chocolates, sweets or some unique items and return as a personal gift. Your guests will love this idea and later on can use it for their personal needs.  It can be used as a multi-utility box like keeping small ornaments or stuff like that in it. 

This House Warming Green Goodie Box priced at 50/- Rs and you can buy it on the link here.


Combo Set of Gift Bag and Photo Frame

We normally get photo frames gift wrapped in some gift paper but how about having a combo  set of gift bag and frame, sounds great right! This combo set comes in matching prints. Its made of hand-made paper with cardboard and has soft finish hence looks elegant. 

Photo frame size: 6 inches x 8 inches

Photo size Size: 4 inches x 6 inches photo will fit in this frame.


This Combo set of Gift Bag and Photo Frame is priced at 65/- Rs and you can buy it on the link here.

Gift Bags

We are running with a no plastic initiative. These hand-made bags are best alternative for plastic bags. Enviroment friendly and stylish. With their catchy colors and beautiful designs they add  personal touch to your gifts. Put your gift in these vibrant colorful bags and this will become a gift itself. These colorful bags themselves can be unique gift alternatives if paired in all available sizes and colors. 

These bags will definitely complement your gifts. 


These Gift Bags are priced differently from 15 to 20 Rs and you can buy it on the link here.

Check out their website  for variety of gifting options. They all are priced in the range of 15  to 1000/- Rs. They are also available on facebook & Instagram. (Click on the links to follow) For bulk orders of all the items, get in touch at +91 9799495657

So go ahead and spread the smiles for we are in this world just for a while!

Love <3


Pic Courtesy – Prolific_Portraits.

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