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Quirky Pendants and Online Jewellery ft.Reneethereborn

February 20, 2017


Hello Girls,

Just like tattoos, your choice of accessories tells a lot of your personality and so the same logic goes pendants and any kind of online jewellery. Do you know that according to your personality, you can find your type of pendant in the online shopping portals’ array? Yes, they are available with so many quirks and twists that they will definitely give you major steal goals for your best moods 😉

From quirky glass jar pendant to lovely couple mash-up pendants, you can find exactly that pendant which will symbolise your inner words and mood. So, here I have brought you some best quirky pendants that are a definite steal for different types of women.

Enjoy peeps…

Book Worm


If you are a bookaholic or proud to be called egghead, then this type of pendants is sure to be saved in your closet. Have you yet? No?

Check out numbers neckpiece sets with metallic books, or engraved quotations from your favourite book. Or you can also click a pick of the best part of the page and then get a prototype of that as a pendant.

Loves Classic


I love the dresses and actually every knick-knacks related to Victorian age and will never lose an opportunity to save such a pendant inspired from that era. Opt for this Queen’s face engrossed pendant or how about vintage hue pendant with a picture showcasing environment of that time.

So what’s your favourite year and age?

Pristine Choices


Such ethereal choices are for every beauty of the globe! Be it any sunny day or snowflaking outdoor, your heavy or light dress will perfectly make space for this type of catchy glass jar pendants. They generally contain artificial flowers, twills, bulbs, books or photos which add quirk to their complete look. Opt for a geeky dress or calf length ethnic dress and grab an online pendant set in glass jar form to finish off with perfection.

Always Wants Extra


This style can only be adopted if your look is fuller or at least have a broad stature. Layer up your favourite pendant sets with your deep neck dress or blouse and avoid any type of hanging earrings to highlight the area specifically. Make sure each and every pendant is quite different to grab some time-taking stares.

Music Lover


Tell me a name who doesn’t love music by any chance!!!

Well, this type of pendants is widely loved and I dare to say that there is hardly any woman who doesn’t fall in this group. Opt for an alluring pendant showcasing musical or instrumental notes. And it will also be a great idea if opt for a lyric written metallic scripture as a neckpiece.

Animal Lover


‘Look at that cute patootie little darling’, if this is your common saying while looking at any being other than Homo Sapiens, then you fall into this category. Yay! Opt for your favourite animal silhouette pendant or can attach his/her photo on your photo pendant. Options are many just wait and think for the quirk you wish to add near your beauty bone.

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Until next blog,

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*Images and content by Indiarush

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