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Online Shopping Guide ft. Reneethereborn

November 21, 2016

Hola Girls,

Let’s talk about online shopping today. There are many amongst us who still are hesitant to shop online and still prefer on the counter shopping. Initialy myself had many questions like with respect to how it works and will it be safe to buy online ?

But here is something which I bought online (again ) 😉 Normally I don’t go for such tribal prints or such short crop tops. But when I saw this Egyptian print on Rose Wholesale just couldn’t stop myself from admiring it. It is so peppy and alive that I had to get it 😀 (As the saying goes ‘Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy’ )

Let us have a look at the outfit  🙂





The outfit is polyster blend and has a sheath fit. I would recommend this for summer though the season is over for now 🙁 but totally apt for a sunny day 😀  About the quality of the product, I would definitely say very good. You will find variety of outfits , jewellery, kids outfits, fashion accessories and also plus size clothes on this website.

I just have styled this outfit with some blurstore accessories and custom made pumps and hope you observed the purple lip color too 😉


You can have a look at the website here :-

Also the one I am in you can buy here

Here I have few tips to make your online shopping a better experience:-

  • Always check for the authentic website in address bar when you open it should be https:// or www.
  • While shopping online, check for the size charts whether you are buying clothes, shoes or any accessories. Sizes differ from brand to brand. 
  • Check for the outfit/shoe/accessories description very very important so you know what material it is made of whether it has stretch properties (Spandex/Viscose) or not. IT helps you in choosing the right size and fit.
  • Always have your measurements ready with you that to up to date, the best way to take measurements is stand straight and let someone else take your measurments.
  • Most of the sites will have the image of how the measurements needs to be taken in size chart section.
  • While making the payment if COD (cash on delivery) option is available nothing better than that, if not then paytm, paypal are the safe options.
  • Making payment by cards/online banking is no harm but make sure that you don’t save the card details or passwords to the websites. Also check if the website shows a verified by Visa sign with tick mark  at the bottom when you are making the payment by this method.
  •  Always check the return policy of the websites, most of the sites offer free pickup for exchange/return.
  • If you’re shopping from a custom clothier where everything you buy is made or tailored to order, or from a clothing store/ shoe store that promises consistent measurements across all of their products, you’ll only need to review the sizing chart once to get a feel for what will fit you and what won’t.
  • When you access some website randomly and end up buying something , always make a note of it somewhere so if it fits you well next time you have the information ready.
  • Always have a tailor in your back pocket in case if you love something but you are getting it in larger size you can always get it altered. 
  • Do check the contact option for all the online websites so you have their customer care no / email id for dispute in future if any.

Hope this helps in making your online shopping experience better 🙂 

Happy Shopping 😉

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Untill next blog ,


Deepali Dhabu

PC – Vishal Paul Photography 

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