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May 28, 2016

There are many amongst us who earn their paychecks from corporate world, working hard balancing the personal and professional life.  I was also one of them back then. This blog is dedicated to all those hardworking souls there and also to my ex boss who always inculcated formal dressing in me. How I wish to go back to those days and dress like this for the office 😉

Sleek and sophisticated monochrome is still a big trend and is always spotted on celebrities so you always need to have these basic black and white pieces back in wardrobe.  Here is how you can look effortlessly chic in this classic trend. The monochrome look is one you can try out and looks good all the time. Monochrome which means selecting the same color from head to toe helps give an illusion of a heightened length. Monochrome is a perfect outfit that can be paired up with almost anything, ranging from jackets, tops, accessories, heels etc.

Here is an inspiration for monochrome look which you can carry effortless to office, meetings, brunch, as a lawyer too for that matter 😉 (inspiration from my law college days too). I have chosen a black cape jacket, white shirt & black pants to complete the look. I have added a waist belt to the jacket just to give it a personal touch. Hair all pulled back and tied in top bun just to give an impression of a corporate.  A watch, pearl studs, glares, heels , bag and m ready to hit the office 🙂



 Here is how you can master the monochrome look :-

  • To rock the monochrome fashion and pull it off fashionably right requires that you wear it a piece at a time; go monochrome with your dress, monochrome stripes shirts, skirts,bag or shoes but don’t mix them all together. Style it up with a statement neck piece to add more boost to the outfit. 
  • Have your hair styled up and ready. Have great shoes. Shoes like we always say can make or break an outfit. For the perfect finish, rock your monochrome outfit with a pair of heels. If you aren’t comfortable with heels play with flats like Oxfords, loafers.
  • Add an extra layer. If work requires a jacket, don’t stress about figuring out ways to ditch it—make it part of a bigger style statement. That additional layer comes in handy when office managers get overzealous with the air conditioner in the summer months.
  • Consider slightly off colors too for the office look like lilac grey, bluish slate, olive, plum.  
  • Embrace accessories.  Accessories are always a safe bet that can add instant interest to an outfit while still maintaining professional style. 
  • Monochrome creates a sense of fluidity that can make you look taller and is much interesting than just sticking to traditional white shirt-black skirt look.


Always feel good and comfortable in your own body shape and clothing.  A good frame of mind helps one wear an outfit even better. Carry with your own style and remember you are the lady boss !

Look Details :-

Black cape jacket- Renee Creations

White shirt- ZARA

Balck Pants- Renee Creations

Waist belt- Van Heusen

Watch – Rolex

Ear studs- White pearls forever 21

On my lips- lady danger Mac

Sandals – Metro

Bag- Renee Creations

PC – Vaibhav Sachdeva.


Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂


Much Love <3


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