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October 20, 2016

Hola Girls,

I am still not over the birthday mood, still wanting to party more 😛 I have missed Mumbai 🙁 though . Delhi definitely has brought changes in my lifestyle , have been a casual dresser all this while at Mumbai. Maybe it’s in the air of Delhi which makes me try crazy things 😛

I have always been a ‘Black works the best for me’ person in the past. It’s been past few years I started experimenting with other colors. Being a brown skin girl, initially I was hesitant to try bold colors. You would fail to believe if I say I was afraid to try ‘Red’ be it lip color or outfit. 2010 was the first time I tried my first red outfit and red lip color ‘Ruby Woo’ and then I never looked back as far as my comfort zone is concerned. If you see my wardrobe now it’s color bombed (Black and Red top the list of course :-P) So all I m saying is unless you experiment and take the risk , you never know what you will turn out to be 🙂 You will end up finding a new you!

So here is another outfit which caught my eye which reads ‘Good Girls do Bad Things Sometimes’ . I found this outfit in a local shop, it’s not any brand but still I could immediately connect with it 🙂 I have always been a university topper girl in my college days who only studied 😀 The only passion in my life was Accounts and Maths 😀 I know it might come as a shock to many but thats the truth 🙂 So from being a studious girl to this fashionista lady was a big big transformation. 


Talking about the bold prints have got to be one of my favourite trends now. They bring out such a contagiously vibrant energy that is difficult to replicate. Many amongst us hesitate trying it because we don’t exactly know how to wear or pair them. Rocking a strong printed look is always a good idea. What’s an even better idea is doing it in a fresh and forward-thinking way. Thanks to many jaw-dropping runway collections and street style moments. They come in a variety of retro and floral patterns, be it playful suits, little dresses, midis, skirts, shirts they are perfect for spicing up your look . You can also spot a playful suit for daily office attire and for those moments when you just feel like making a statement. No matter what’s the occasion, these prints are definitely more interesting than your average patterned outfits. 

I have given it more of a sporty/casual look with NikeFree TR 5 Flyknit shoes, reflectors and a white ICE watch. Bold lips and I am set. It’s the most vibrant colourful look in long time I spotted and instantly popped the energy in me for the shoot 🙂 


Do’s and Dont’s for the Bold and Big prints :-

  • Do start small with patterned shoes, scarves and belts. If you find bold prints a bit intimidating, start out by mixing in a few patterned accessories for a tame way to try the trend.
  • If it’s a short outfit like what I m wearing keep it simple with other accessories.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix up print, make sure they are in the same color family.
  • When wearing bold prints in skirts or shirts/tops, do let the print take centre stage and pair it with something more subtle like a solid colour or introduce a more neutral element like denim.
  • If you want to go bold and want to pair print on print, match the big print with a smaller one, preferably of similar or like colours or best thing were co-ord sets.
  • Don’t be scared to wear bold prints to work. You can opt for printed co-ord suits for office.  As long as you incorporate them in an appropriate manner, prints add spunk and energy to your work wardrobe (and maybe a little to your office too 😉)
  • Match your footwear with one of the colors in your outfit/print.

Dont’s  :-

  • Use 3 to 4 colors max while opting for bold prints look . More the colors more the risk.
  • Don’t go overboard with the makeup, keep it minimal with bold lips.
  • I would suggest minimal accessories, let the outfit do the talking 🙂
  • Don’t pile on too many patterns on any one region of your body. DO give the eye a break by incorporating solids into your look.
  • Check your mirror image form every angle. Don’t wear a print with an ill placed pattern.
  • Don’t go too over the top. Stick with a small print, like polka dot or gingham and mix it up with something a little bolder, like florals or stripes. Mixing one large pattern and one small will help to create balance. 

Whether it’s gingham, bold prints, animal prints, pop of colors, Bold message outfits or big prints play with it 🙂 Remember No Risk , No Fun 🙂 

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Untill next blog,


 I meant Keep Rocking 😉 by this pic 😛


Deepali Dhabu

Pc – Impressions -KUGraphy . Instagram – Impressions -KUGraphy

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